Well I learned a lesson this week. Always save your Blog in word before posting on your Masterkey website. I wrote my blog yesterday, pasted to my wordpress site, hit publish immediately, seen the message it had posted and clicked on view message which I did and then it vanished. I tried finding it later in evening and can’t find it even today.  My internet Microsoft keeps giving me the message that my website can’t be found.   So here I am writing another blog.

My “sits” have been hard this week. I have thought of everything except what I was supposed to meditate on with the exception of one night I after a successful “sit”, I dreamt walking on stage as I wrote about in my Press Release.  I did that wrong also.   I wrote it in story form rather than interview style so I am editing it.

A “thank you to Jesus” and my commitment to MKMMA,  I have been doing other assignments and keeping up with them.

I look forward to reading the next scroll for 30 days as I did with the first one and continuing with my new habit that will bring me happiness and success  “Good habits are the key to all success ” as stated by Og

I see the importance of all the assignments we have been doing and how they are all wired together  Our new assignment of repeating “I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE” really connected to the Blue Print Builder for me and find it very easy to repeat many times a day.

The NO  OPINION assignment this week was hard for me when I talked with my daughter as she is always doing/saying things that upset me, and I then express my opinion.  This is a big area I need patience and work on.

Five weeks have gone by already and I am  eagerly looking forward to the next 21 to see the new me.  I have done things out of my comfort zone which have helped me very much needed I look forward to new things that will stretch me more.  I have noticed changes in me and have had comments from others about changes they can see.

Until next week,  “I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES”.


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