Press Release

Prosperity, PA   Lois Dille of Prosperity, PA started a new career in Network Marketing on a part time basis four years prior to her retirement from her administrative clerical job.  She knew she wanted something worthwhile to do once she retired so she stared looking at different opportunities.  Her friend Peggy knew she was looking for something so she invited Lois and her husband Eli to attend a business briefing for LegalShield at a friend’s home.  They listened to the presentation of statistics on the company and stories about how members had used the services and  cost of the program. They purchased the LegalShield membership which provides cutting edge legal services as they seen the value in the services.  They were also introduced to the Network Marketing side of the company.  After time spent in prayer and discussion, they decided there was nothing to lose and everything to gain, so they joined the company.  I asked them what did they base their decision on?  “Lois said that the Mission and Vision of the company; support, training and tools that were provided were basis of their decision.  She added that these would be a great asset in helping her get her started successfully in her business and was all included in the low cost of the enrollment fee.”

Lois set about working to overcome her fears and insecurities through personal development, and worked daily on her mindset with the help of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance to build her self-confidence. She showed me her Poster Movie she made visualizing her new life style with wearing the LegalShield ring awarded as she made $100,000 and walking on stage at the 2016 LegalShield National Convention in Oklahoma City, OK where the Home office is located.

A large part of her vision was to help Pastor Pierre and his Lacroix Mission and surrounding villages in Haiti with a monthly donation toward food, education and living conditions for the Haitians.  She has been a volunteer with the City Mission in her community over the past few years and also a generous donator to the local food banks.  “It gives me great pleasure to be able to give back and lend a helping hand to anyone in their time of need.”

I conducted this interview in Lois’s newly decorated home office. I couldn’t help but notice her husband’s shiny new truck sitting in their driveway. She explained how she earned this through the LegalShield Performance Club and the help of her gracious team.  She also has helped two other business partners to promote to her level.  She showed me a few pictures of the all expense paid trips to Cancun, Mexico for her and her husband provided by LegalShield.

Lois’s story is one of faith, determination, persistence, and a positive attitude. “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of the man can achieve.”

Interviewer Iva Verner


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